Autorun File Remover


Analyze, detect and delete any autorun file


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Autorun apps are those that are automatically launched from USB flash drives or from CDs, which allow these devices to start up when inserted into your PC.

Lots of viruses and malware take advantage of this to spread from one system to another whenever an infected pendrive is inserted. As a result, it is always preferable to deactivate the autorun feature, but if it is too late, Autorun File Remover can help you get rid of any resulting viruses.

This tool has been designed to get rid of all the viruses stored in autorun.inf files that normal antivirus tools are unable to deal with. Autorun File Remover will quickly detect and eliminate any dangerous autorun files.

The program automatically analyzes all the Autorun files and finds the path to the executable file so it can detect threats and discover any possible viruses.

Autorun File Remover is very easy to use for all users and has an intuitive interface that shows the risks by marking and identifying files with colors.
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